Rebecca Gilbert is an exciting new voice in Celtic music. Her unique, soulful sound combines new and old, bringing a modern, rhythmic spin to traditional Celtic songs.


"Rebecca's singing has character." fRoots Magazine

New Album

The new album, "As the Story Goes," features core members Rebecca Gilbert, Kenn Fox, and Dave Karnes with a host of talented guest players. "As the Story Goes" was produced and engineered by Kenn Fox at Anam studio in Wisconsin.

As the story goes...


Contemporary Celtic music with a traditional edge. Instrumentation includes voice, guitar, bouzouki, fiddle, tin whistle, bodhrán, and cello.


Debut Album


The debut album, "Origin," features instrumentation by talented and dynamic musicians--Kenn Fox (guitar), Dave Karnes (guitar), Ruthie McQuinn (fiddle), Andreas Transø (tin whistle, bodrán), and Mare Edstrom (keyboards). "Origin" was produced and engineered by Kenn Fox at Anam Studio in Wisconsin.



Debut album fusing traditional and modern Celtic styles. Instrumentation includes voice, guitar, fiddle, tin whistle and bodhrán.



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